College of Education Students to begin Second Semester Online

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Public Colleges of Education affiliated to Public Universities are expected to undertake the course work of their Second Semester of the academic year online.This shall be accompanied with an online assessment.According to information gathered by EducationGhana, all level 100 students of Colleges of Education affiliated to Universities, including the University of Ghana are expected to begin the course work of their Second Semester of the academic online and assessment conducted as such.

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The notice further directed all level 100 students to acquire active mobile devices with telegram app to start online lessons and assignments from next week.The students have also been informed that they shall use their course group WhatsApp platforms and be assigned, course tutors.Course outlines are expected to be out by Monday,, March 30, 2020.

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Michael Osei-Owusu

Michael Osei-Owusu

Michael Osei-Owusu is a Ghanaian EduTech blogger and a teacher.

21 thoughts on “College of Education Students to begin Second Semester Online”

  1. I think the GES should look for any other alternatives rather this online studies is not going to favor as at all.Even with our normal lectures people are not seeing top and and u think this rather is going to solve the problem? Oooh nooo

  2. Everything positive ideas elsewhere is 99% negative to Ghanaians ..

    I support the online learning…

    Are you expecting us to be in the house like that

    Or go on campus to contract the disease?

    That will not work..

  3. This move by the education service is indeed not the best at least not all of us are financially sound to be able to take part in this initiative. What plans has the government put in place to ensure that all and sundry be treated equally. Some of us are from the remote areas of which getting access to network is a big challenge.
    Again bear in mind though we are in the technological world but not all of us in the tertiary institutions has computers or smartphones.
    The government should consider at least getting all students at the tertiary level particular those in the college’s of education laptops to facilitate their learning.

  4. What about the level 200 students in same Colleges of Education?
    What are you doing for them?

    This is because, your report speaks for only the level 100 students.

  5. Please, some of the students do not have network in their village to make phone calls and even to get access to the internet.How can such student benefit from this online learning.

  6. Definitely not, this is not a good idea,, the leaders should sit and come out again, how possible?don’t sit in your offices and take all students at the same level, never, we are not the same, economically

    • The options are limited. The only way to ensure social distancing is online learning. If they could partner with the telcos to provide Sim cards to enable the students browse for free, just like what os being done in UG, I think that would help

  7. Please please and please with all due respect how do you expect this to be possible? Certainly not, do you want all the students to fail and be withdrawn or what.
    Please give a second thought to this decision
    Think about your sons/daughters or brothers and sisters who will suffer in this. How many students do you think have smart phones and where will they even get handouts.
    Please I suggest this decision will not help.


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