How to fix hotspot and WiFi issue in android

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If you are an android user, especially Tecno and Infinix, then you may have had hotspot and wifi issue where your hotspot turns off by itself  or other devices cannot see the hotspot connection.

Some users have had a hard time connecting to an Android Hotspot with their Windows-powered laptops. 

Many a time, this hotspot and WiFi issues are caused by third party applications installed or updated on your devices. An example of such an application is the Babel font.

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Steps to fix hotspot and WiFi issue

1. Go to your phone settings and
navigate your way to “Apps” and tap on it.
2. Now tap on the hamburger icon (three dots) on the screen beside the settings symbol and a pop up will appear.

3.  Tap on “reset app preferences”.
once done,

4. Reboot your device and turn on your hotspot. Repeat step for both android phones.

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Fixing hotspot and wifi issue

If this does not fix it, and you own a tecno or infinix phone, go to “Settings” locate and tap on “Apps”  and tap on show system apps and reset “OOBE” and Babel fonts/font manager.

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Michael Osei-Owusu

Michael Osei-Owusu

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