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The Tax Identification Number (TIN) or TIN Number is a special Identification Number issued to taxpayers and potential taxpayers. In Ghana, TIN is used for paying taxes, importing goods into the country and registering a business or land. Getting a TIN is free and can be applied online.

Reasons to get a TIN

Why should you get a TIN Number?

You must have a TIN to:

  • register your business with the Registrar-General’s Department,
  • open a bank account,
  • register your vehicle,
  • get a passport,
  • register land,
  • clear goods from a port or airport,
  • engage in official transactions in Ghana

What documents do you need to get a TIN Number?

You need any of the following documents to apply:

  • valid Drivers’ License,
  • valid Passport,
  • Voters ID,
  • National Identification Card,
  • Make a coloured photocopy of the ID used.

For companies you will need documents such as:

  • certificate of incorporation,
  • commencement certificate,
  • partnership certificate,
  • external company letter

How to apply for TIN online

1. Click here to go to the Ghana Revenue Authority portal

2. Fill in your details and choose a password
3. Click the “add” button to attach your ID. The ID should be of a good quality and should be colour scanned in pdf, gif, jpeg format
4. After adding, click on upload
5. Click register
6. Check your email for confirmation to continue the registration process
7. Once the name, email and ID have been validated you will receive a Success Message. You may click on the button to view or print a copy of the submitted details
8. Wait for the system generated email; this will provide information on the registration process. The email will include a link to continue your TIN Registration
9. Click on the link in the email received
10. Fill in the Email and Password used earlier for the GRA portal registration
11. Click Register to continue.
This will take you to the TIN Registration Details Pages. Fill out your details in various Tabs, at the end of each Tab click on “Save and Proceed”. The tabs include:

  • Individual summary
  • Personal details
  • Tax information
  • Identity information
  • Address details
  • Employment details
  • Contact details

After providing your information in each of the tabs above, click SUBMIT.

12. You will receive a success message after submitting your information

Now wait for your application to be approved in order to get your TIN Number. This could take a day or two but not more than 14 days.

You can contact GRA on 0302 904545 or 0302 904546 for more information

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