How to jailbreak an iPhone with an android phone

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To jailbreak an iPhone is a direct parallel to rooting an android device. You are basically granting yourself elevated permissions and disabling a lot of protections that are built into the OS.

Due to Apple’s walled-garden approach, jailbreaking an iPhone has become a herculean task. Apple releases updates to patch the vulnerabilities that allow iPhones to be exploited, making new versions of iOS very difficult to be jailbroken.

Reddit user /u/stblr has jailbroken his iPhone using an android phone using Checkra1n, which is considered the first jailbreak solution for Apple devices running iOS 13.

It also works on a wide variety of Apple hardware. And because it utilizes an exploit that targets a flaw in the Boot ROM on Apple hardware instead of a vulnerability within iOS, it is also being credited as being one of the only solutions that will work across software updates on vulnerable phones.


  1. First, you need an iPhone or iPad which is compatible with Checkra1n (iPhone 5s to iPhone X, iOS 12.3 and up).
  2. An Android device with root access, preferably with newer Linux and Android versions.
  3. A terminal app on your Android phone.
  4. A way to connect the two phones. Some of Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cables do not work as they lack pins to put the iDevice into DFU mode.

Steps to jailbreak an iPhone

Disclaimer: jailbreaking and rooting devices come with their own risks, so do not attempt either without fully understanding what you are doing. Proceed with caution.

  1. Download the Checkra1n binary for Linux, noting the correct µarch of your Android device:
    1. You can check for your phone’s architecture by running this ADB command on your computer while your phone is connected:adb shell getprop ro.product.cpu.abiThe output would be your phone’s architecture.
  2. Place the downloaded binary into /data on your rooted Android phone. You can search for your device in XDA-Developers subforums to know the best method to root it.
  3. Connect your iDevice to your Android phone.
  4. Open the terminal app, and gain root access by typing the “su” command.
  5. Type “lsusb” to check if your iDevice is recognized. The USB ID displayed should be “05ac:12a8“.
  6. Put your iDevice into DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode. You can find device-specific instructions over here.
  7. Check whether your iDevice is still recognized with “lsusb“. The USB ID displayed should now be “05ac:1227“.
  8. Run checkra1n in CLI mode using the command “./checkra1n -c“.
  9. Your iDevice should now be jailbroken. However, the method is not entirely reliable, so you may need to retry the steps to achieve success.

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