Lockdown: How to order food, water and medicine at no cost using Ghana Order web app

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Ghana Order is a free web app for sharing of items to those at lockdown areas as well as other areas in Ghana. The web app, owned by Gracecoms Company, can let people at lockdown areas order food, medicines and water to be delivered to your homes.

Ghana Order has humanitarian aid, that allows people to request for food items, water, accommodation and medicine to be delivered at absolutely no cost. That is, the system allows people who are willing to provide free support to others in lockdown areas do so without the client paying anything.

How to use the humanitarian aid to order food items, water and medicine for free

  • Visit https://ghanaorder.com/app
  • Click register as a consumer at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill the form with your correct details and location
  • After registration, login and click Humanitarian Aid
  • Fill the request form and submit.
  • SMS alert messages will be sent to people on the platform who are willing to help.
  • Now wait for a delivery agent to provide support at absolutely no cost.

Businesses and vendors that deal in online delivery of food items, water and medicine can register to render delivery services to be paid by clients. This means that aside the humanitarian aid which is absolutely free, people can also order items at a fee.

Each business that register onto the system is given a Ghana Order code which clients can use to request for help or order items directly without going through any search.

Ghana Order first shows services that are near your location first before showing other services that are not near your location. When you do not find items in your location, click the view all button at the top to show all items in other locations.

How to register your business on Ghana Order

To register your business,

  • Visit https://ghanaorder.com/app
  • Click register as a business at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill the form to register your business. You will have to enter the type of services you render e.g food, medicine, water, accomodation etc.
  • Each business that registers onto the system is given a unique ID to make it simple for someone to reach out to them without going through any search.
  • You will be notified via SMS when clients make new orders that match with the kind of services you render.

In summary, this web app can help many people out there to get basic needs whiles they stay at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Click here to use the Ghana Order Web App

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