Six important things to do during the coronavirus lockdown

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The lockdown has begun and this could lead to boredom. There are plenty of important things you can do to utilize the “stay at home” time effectively. This article seeks to examine six things you could do during the lockdown.

Learn a new language

You could use this period to try out new things, like learning a new language. There are a plethora of apps online to help you achieve this. One of such great app is the Babbel app. You can learn Spanish, German, Italian, French and other international languages. Visit to download the Babbel app for Android and iOS.

Learn a course online

You can use this period to upgrade your skills by learning online. Check out some of the best online courses in Ghana and apply. The World Health Organization is also organizing online courses on COVID-19. You can use this period to enrol in one of the courses as well.

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Learn a musical instrument

This is the time to learn that musical instrument you are obsessed with. Learning musical instruments requires time and devotion. Most people have expressed their zeal to learn a guitar or a piano but usually complain about not getting ample time due to busy schedules. This is the perfect time to learn the musial instrument. You Tube has thousands of tutorials to help you achieve this purpose.

Do some indoor workouts or exercises

Staying at home for weeks without exercising is very detrimental to our health. Exercises and workouts help us stay active and fit. You can engage in some indoor jogging, press ups, push-ups or yoga to keep fit.

Stream movies or play some video games

Entertainment is an important part of life. Engaging in entertainment relaxes the mind and reduces stress. You can use this period to stream movies from platforms such as Netflix. Also, it’s time to go back to that old game console in your basement. Nintendo, Sega, and also recent consoles like the Xbox and Playstation.

Read a book

Lastly, you can read a book to keep busy. Reading is important because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while keeping our minds active. Reading books can help us learn, understand and makes us smarter.

So it is time to grab a story book to keep you busy. You can also find ebooks online on various subjects to keep you busy.

Do you have recommendations concerning other important things to do during this period? Use the comment box below to let us know.

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Michael Osei-Owusu

Michael Osei-Owusu

Michael Osei-Owusu is a Ghanaian EduTech blogger and a teacher.

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