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Get the GES Syllabus for JHS, SHS and Primary (Standard Based Curriculum)

Common Core Curriculum

Arabic CCP

Career Technology

Computing CCP

Creative Art&Design

English CCP

French CCP

Ghanaian Language

Mathematics CCP

P & H Education


Science CCP

Social Studies

Standard Based Curriculum (Primary)

Computing (B4-6)

Computing Framework (KG-B6)

French (B1-B6)

History (B1-B6)

Maths (B4-B6)

Maths (B1-B3)

Physical Education (B1-B6)

RME (B1-B6)

Science (B1-B3)

Science (B4-B6)

OWOP (B1-B3)

OWOP (B4-B6)

Ghanaian Language (B1-B3)

Ghanaian Language (B4-B6)

English Language (B1-B3)

English Language (B4-B6)

Creative Arts (B1-B3)

KG Curriculum

Creative Arts (B4-B6)

Teacher Resource Pack -KG

Teacher Resource Pack - Primary

CCP Training Manuals

Pre-tertiary Framework

Training Manuals -zip file

Pesentation files

CCP Teacher/Learner Resource Packs

CCP Teacher Packs

CCP Learner Packs

JHS Syllabus (Old)

Integrated Science

Ghanaian Languages

English Language

Social Studies

SHS Syllabus

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  1. Great work boss!
    Please am unable to download Teacher resource pack for the standard based curriculum (primary) kindly help me. Thanks

  2. Glad to know about this. Can we have the updated version of the syllabus. For home economics, I know we have 2010 as the hard copy

  3. Thanks very much for these resources. Its a very helpful page created for teachers. Please when will Syllabus for JHS English Language be activated. The button seems to be inactive


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