Sample Questions for Teachers License Exam

This page contains lecture notes and sample questions for the teachers license examination in Ghana.

Click on the links below to download.

Questions and answers sample 1

Questions and answers sample 2

Sample questions on Numeracy

Lecture notes on Literacy

Literacy : Tenses

Literacy: Order of adjectives 

Literacy : Subject Verb Agreement

Rules on Subject Verb Agreement

Teachers’ professional code of conduct

Curriculum areas for teachers’ license exam

NTC sample questions

Tips on Numeracy

Numeracy Q & A

Numeracy Questions and Answers 

Numeracy Test Questions

Maths Methods

Essential Skills test practice

Essential Skills Book

Pedagogy – Pearson Education Inc

Bloom’s Taxonomy 

Handout on Numeracy

Tips on Literacy

Tips on Essential Skills

Collection of Past questions for Teachers License Exam

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  1. good materials . Where can I get the exams to write and what is the process for registration.
    secondly do we have extra classes to prepare Teachers for it


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