What to do after upgrading to Windows 11

Windows 11 has been here for sometime now and many users are upgrading to the early build of the new operating system. Though Windows 11 is still new and may come with a lot of bugs, some users are going to upgrade anyway. Here are some recommended things to do right after upgrading to Winddows … Read more

Burning desires from the classroom – To be rich or not to be rich?

There was once a young brilliant Ghanaian by name Komla Dumor. Young Komla wanted to become a medical doctor. However, as the turn of events of life or better still, destiny would have it, he became a journalist. He did not see journalism as just a stepping stone. Komla devoted his all to the inky … Read more

Highlights of the new educational reforms in Ghana

With the implementation of the new Common Core Programme, the educational system in Ghana is set to see a major revamp. The following are highlights of the new educational reforms: Kindergarten, primary school, JHS and SHS shall all be described as Basic School. JHS 1, 2, 3 and SHS 1 shall now be referred as … Read more

Opinion: Teachers in Ghana must arise for better conditions of service

The President has just told teachers his piece of mind.Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. He minced no words. You could hear the sneering tone of his voice. That is how he sees the teaching profession. He admitted that the teaching profession has played an enormous role in shaping the minds … Read more