Code of Conduct for Students in Pre-Tertiary Education in Ghana

The Code of Conduct for Students in Pre-Tertiary Education in Ghana is available for download. This comprehensive document is an essential resource for educators, students, and parents, outlining the expectations and guidelines for behavior in pre-tertiary educational institutions nationwide. Why is the Code of Conduct Important? The Code of Conduct is vital in fostering a … Read more

Basic 9 Third Term Lesson Notes

This page contains the new curriculum Basic 9 lesson notes. Bookmark the page and visit it regularly for updates. Week 1 English wk1 Maths wk1 Science wk1 Social wk1 Computing wk1 RME wk1 Career Tech wk1 CAD wk1 GH Language wk1 PHE wk1 Week 2 English Maths Science Social Studies Computing RME Career Tech CAD … Read more

Textbooks for KG-SHS

This page contains soft copies of textbooks from KG to SHS. They are kept in three separate folders for easy navigation. These materials are for educational purposes only. Click on the links below to download: Textbook Folder 1 Textbook Folder 2 Textbook Folder 3

Fake Unlimited Amazon/Netflix Premium: A Malicious Link Targetting Smartphone Users

Online scams and malicious attacks have become prevalent in the digital age, taking on increasingly sophisticated forms. One such deceitful tactic involves a fake 3-month Amazon/Netflix Premium offer that targets smartphone users (mostly Android users), luring them into installing an app. The malicious app claims users can stream premium content on Amazon, Netflix, and live … Read more

Third Term French Lesson Plan and Schemes

This page is for French Lesson Plan and Schemes for Basic schools. This is a new project we have begun for French. Do well to bookmark the page and visit often for timely updates. French Third Term Schemes B7 French Scheme B8 French Scheme Basic 7 Third Term French Lesson Plan Week 1 Week 2 … Read more

Third Term Lesson Plan For Basic School

This page is meant to provide Lesson Plan for Basic 7, 8 and 9. You can also find third-term schemes on this page. Scheme of Learning Basic 7 Third Term Schemes Basic 8 Third Term Schemes Click here for French Lesson Plans and Schemes Basic 9 Third Term Lesson Notes Primary Third Term Lesson Plan … Read more

Why Ghana Should Allow Smartphones in The SHS Classroom

Ghana has a rich history of education, with a strong emphasis on traditional teaching methods that prioritize rote memorization and textbook learning. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly clear that traditional teaching methods may not be enough to prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. One of the … Read more

Basic 9 Second Term Lesson Notes (New Curriculum)

You can download Basic 9 second-term lesson notes for the new curriculum on this page. The schemes for Basic 9 have also been provided here. Check this page regularly for more updates. Basic 9 Term 2 Scheme B9 T2 Scheme Week 1 English Math Science Social Studies Computing RME Career Tech CAD Ghanaian Language PHE Week … Read more

Best 20 Online Colleges to Study

As a teacher and a student, I consistently look for online colleges one can study to earn a degree. I have assembled a list of the best 20 online colleges to study. This is a subjective list, and they are not arranged in any order of preference. It is just a list of some online … Read more

Basic 8 Second Term Lesson Notes

You can download Basic 8 second term lesson notes on this page. The schemes for B7-9 have been provided. Click here for the schemes. Check this page regularly for more updates. All weeks will be uploaded here weekly. For third term Lesson Plan visit this page Week 1 CAD Week 1 CAT Home Econs Week … Read more

Academic Calendar For Pre-Tertiary Schools Not Changed – GES

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has indicated that the pre-tertiary school academic calendar has not changed. The statement was made on their official Facebook page as a reaction to several rumors of a revised academic calendar. “Please note that the 2023 Academic Calendar hasn’t been changed. Please ignore any information that is contrary to this.“ … Read more

Basic 7–9 Curriculum Revised, Stop Using Draft Zero Versions

The current school curriculum has been reviewed in response to the national priority of shifting the structure and content of the educational system from merely passing examinations to building character, nurturing values, and raising literate, confident, and engaged citizens. The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) released draft zero versions of the Common Core … Read more

Basic 7-9 Scheme of Learning

This page will be updated with the 2023 scheme of learning for B7-9. Be sure to save this page by bookmarking it to visit regularly for updated content. B7 Term 1-3 Schemes B7 PE TSOL B7 CAD TSOL B7 Computing TSOL B7 English TSOL B7 GH Lang TSOL B7 Math TSOL B7 RME TSOL B7 … Read more

GES Staff: How to check your Tier 2 Pension Statement

The Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme (GESOPS) has provided the opportunity for GES staff to check your Tier 2 pension lump sum online. If you are a staff of GES, you can check your Tier 2 lump sum right on your mobile phone using a shortcode or a browser. Method 1: How to check … Read more

Download Third Term Exam Questions for All Classes

This page contains end of third term examination questions for all classes. Check for your class and download them freely. Credit to all respective creators. Basic 6 Computing Term 3 Creative Arts Term 3 French Term 3 History Term 3 OWOP Term 3 Science Term 3 RME Term 3 English Term 3 Twi Term 3 … Read more

YouTube to introduce handles

YouTube will be introducing handles to make it easier for members to find and connect with each other. Your handle will be unique to your channel and will be how people mention you in comments and community posts just like on social media platforms. The great search engine will be gradually rolling out the ability … Read more

DG of GES dismissed by Akufo-Addo

Prof Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, Director-General of the Ghana Education Service has been dismissed. The new development was announced by the Office of the President in a letter dated Monday, October 17, 2022. “The ministry of Education has informed this Office that the exigencies that required your skills and expertise as Director-General of the Ghana Education Service … Read more