Basic 7–9 Curriculum Revised, Stop Using Draft Zero Versions

The current school curriculum has been reviewed in response to the national priority of shifting the structure and content of the educational system from merely passing examinations to building character, nurturing values, and raising literate, confident, and engaged citizens.

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) released draft zero versions of the Common Core curriculum and later finalized them by making a number of changes. A number of teachers, however, are still using the draft zero versions of the curriculum instead of the final versions. Using draft zero versions of a curriculum is not recommended as these versions are the first attempt at putting the ideas of the curriculum in writing and are subject to quick changes.

How Do I Know I Have Draft Zero Versions, and What Are Some Notable Changes in These?

The draft zero versions will have a huge watermark indicating it is a draft zero version and not the final one. One of the notable changes I have spotted is based on the Basic 8 and 9 Computing curriculum. In the draft zero version, teachers were to teach the fifth generation of computers in Basic 9. However, in the final version, teachers must teach that topic in Basic 8. In Basic 8, it used to be the fourth generation of computers.

In this regard, our computing lesson plan, which was released on our website for teachers, was based on the final version. A considerable number of teachers, due to their use of the drafted versions, have reached us on our various social media platforms about a possible error in the Basic 8 Computing lesson notes. Interactions with these teachers showed that they still use drafts instead of the final versions. See the images below for these changes:

Draft Zero Version

Final Version

How to Get The Latest Curriculum

Teachers are advised to get the updated versions of the curriculum by heading to the Common Core Curriculum page of the NaCCA website. Currently, the official curriculum page of NaCCA does not contain the Computing Curriculum. You can also visit our curriculum page to get all the Computing curriculum and all other latest curricula.

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