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How to reclaim your privacy data from unused services

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If you have used the internet for a while, it is likely you may have signed up for a number of services using your email account. Also if you have used a variety of devices or apps in the past, you may have signed up to services provided by the manufacturer or app developer. Uninstalling the app or switching devices does not delete the privacy data the manufacturer or developer has on you. The developer or manufacturer still holds your data such as your location, contact, email and other information. In this article, I will outline how you can reclaim your privacy data if you don’t use a particular service any more.

Why you should request your data to be deleted

Remember when most people were using the BlackBerry smartphone and therefore used the BlackBerry Messenger and other services? Well, no one literally uses BlackBerry smartphones today so why should BlackBerry keep your data?

When I started using the TM1 laptop, I automatically signed up for services from Katechnologies and therefore my data is stored electronically on their servers. I sold my TM1 laptop instantly and therefore there is no need for the company to have my data. Hence there is the need to reclaim all data from such companies.

How to reclaim your data

Now that we have established why you should reclaim your data, let’s move on to how to reclaim your data. You can send an email to the service provider and request your data to be deleted but do you have any idea on the number of unused services you may have signed up for in the past? That’s when Mine comes in.

Mine is an online tool that can search for all services you have signed up for. The tool allows you to go through and select all services you want deleted and a request will be sent to all the services instantly.

To reclaim your data:

1. Tap on this link and create an account with Mine using your email account.

2. Now, log in to Mine and let the tool search for all services your account is connected to.

3. Go through the services you want to delete and select reclaim.

4. Mine will send an email request on your behalf. You can check the status of your requests on your dashboard.

5. After a few days your data will be permanently deleted from all servers.

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