Mock questions for BECE candidates

I have assembled a collection of Bestbrain, GBAT and virtual mock questions for BECE candidates to prepare for their examination. Some of the questions include marking schemes to provide information to both students and teachers.

Disclaimer: Documents on this page are for information purposes only.

Download them below:

GBAT V Mock 5 Pre-Tech

GBAT V Mock 5 Pre-Tech Marking Scheme

GBAT V Mock 5 Home Econs

GBAT V Mock 6 Home Econs

GBAT V Mock 6 Home Econs Marking Scheme

GBAT V Mock 2 English Language

GBAT V Mock 3 English Marking Scheme


GBAT V Mock 2 RME Marking Scheme

GBAT V Mock 2 Science

GBAT V Mock 2 Science Scheme

GBAT V Mock 2 Social Studies

GBAT V Mock 2 Social Marking Scheme

GBAT V Mock 5 Asante Twi

GBAT V Mock 5 Asante Twi Marking Scheme

Virtual Mock ICT GBAT

Virtual Mock ICT GBAT Marking Scheme

BestBrain May 2022 ICT

BestBrain Omega Mock Maths

BestBrain Omega Mock English Scheme

BestBrain Omega Mock Home Econs

Bestbrain Omega Mock Pre-Tech

BestBrain Omega Mock RME

BestBrain Omega Mock ICT

BestBrain Omega Mock ICT marking scheme

BestBrain Science 1-8

BestBrain Science 9-16

BestBrain Home Econs Questions and Answers

BestBrain 2022 Social Studies

BestBrain Science Questions and Answers

BestBrain Maths Questions

BestBrain May 2022 RME

Grade 1 Maths June Mock

Grade 1 Home Econs

Grade 1 Mock ICT

Grade 1 Mock English

Grade 1 Mock RME

Grade 1 Mock Social Studies

Grade 1 Mock Akuapem Twi

Grade 1 Mock Pre-Tech

Grade 1 Mock Maths

Grade 1 Mock Science

DAS Mock Social Studies

DAS Mock Social Studies Answers

Das Mock Science

DAS Mock Science Marking Scheme

DAS Mock English

DAS Mock English Answers

DAS Mock Maths

DAS Mock Maths Answers

DAS Mock Pre-Tech

DAS Mock BDT – Pretech Marking Scheme

DAS French Mock

DAS French Scheme


DAS ICT Marking Scheme

DAS Asante Twi mock

DAS Twi Marking Scheme

DAS Home Econs mock


Check the following pages for more sample questions:

BECE past questions

KG-JHS Exam forum

SHS Past Questions

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