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Education In Shambles

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In recent times, issues of education have emerged the greatest in our public air waves. It is on this light I write this piece.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is what comes to mind at the mention of the word education. Why CSE in Ghanaian setting? It’s just the price we all have to bear for optioning for absolute free education at the basic level without asking critical questions like how do you finance it. Believe it or not,  this foreign donors who are “nicodemusly” financing our education are the great forces behind this disgusting devilish policy. The reason is simple, they manufacture all the contraceptive sold almost in all our markets. They simply need larger market for their produce. I would rather be a responsible dad by supporting my kids’ education with pride and dignity than going for absolute free education controlled by foreigners with no respect for my culture.

The greatest tool for measuring the success of students progress is standard examination. Until recently, parents were paying for their children printing fees. The average charge per children printing fees was  GH₵10.00 but schools were ordered to stop the collection of fees with the assurance from government of footing the bills. Bravo to President Nana Addo for such bold decision. Government fulfill its promise by paying GH₵2.50. The question is, how will GH₵2.50 set standard examination?

Finally, mentioning CSE as contemporary issue rather than kidnapping shows a totally lost of direction so far as our education lenses are concerned.

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