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Tips on Literacy for the teachers license exam

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The Following Areas should be studied carefully

* Subject – Verb Agreement
* Pronoun – Noun Agreement
* Tenses
* Synonyms and Antonyms
* Parts of Speech
* Lexis and Structure

* Learn the techniques in answering Comprehension questions
* Read the text carefully.
* Read the questions carefully
* Read the text/passage again, looking for the answers.

* Read the questions Carefully and know the type of Essay.
* Write the type of essay the question is demanding.
* Ensure that all features are present.
Example for Official Essays,

1. Ensure all features are present.
2. Use Official language.
3. Avoid the use of jargons, clichés, contracted form of words, etc.
4. Be courteous or respectful.
5. Do not use Conversational Language

Also for Unofficial/Informal Essays. Ensure that all the following are observed.
1. Ensure all features are present.
2. Use Informal or Conversational Language.
3. Use jargons, cliché, contracted form of words, etc.


*Simple Communication Skills.

Get more on Literacy below:

Lecture Notes on Literacy

Literacy – Tenses

Literacy – Order of adjectives

Literacy – subject verb agreement

Rules on subject verb agreement

Dear Candidate,
One thing should be made clear here. All questions would be in application form. Relax. Read. Understand. Answer.

Please let us know of your successes in the comment box when the results are released

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