Mobile Money Remittance Fraud, The New Scam On National Television

Mobile money remittance involves the act of transmitting e-cash to a distant place, in return or payment for goods purchased. While this is a normal routine for day-to-day businesses, there are fraudsters who provide “too good to be true” packages for mobile money remittance and end up ripping customers.

They refer to themselves as Xpress money, which involves the customer sending GHc 100 to instantly get GHc 1500, or Ghc 200 to get GHc 2500 etc. After sending the said amount, your money will be withdrawn as soon as possible and you don’t get the advertised amount.

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The most alarming thing is the fact that these scammers have used National Television channels as their modus operandi. One of the leading TV channels used by these scammers is NKWA TV (and her sister channel OMANBA TV). These channels are available on the Multi TV digibox.

People in general see TV channels as a most credible, authentic means of getting most accurate information about issues and businesses. As a result, people end up succumbing to these ponzi schemes.

It all happened on 25th March, I saw their live transmission on Nkwa tv but before that day I use to see their live program on that tv station. Before I sent the money I said to myself if these people are scammers how come Nkwa tv has  been telecasting their programs over and over again? So I decided to give it a try and I was defrauded.

When I realized I have been defrauded I called MTN and reported the case but they said that person has withdrawn the money so they can’t do anything. I called again the next day it was the same information they gave me.”

– Narration by one victim

This is a day light electronic robbery shown on National Television channels in Ghana but apparently nothing is been done to curb this menace.

As we are your authoritative source for the most authentic information on Education and Technology, we urge the general public to stay away from these too good to be true schemes to avoid been ripped of your hard earned money.

5 thoughts on “Mobile Money Remittance Fraud, The New Scam On National Television”

  1. Can’t the government band these television stations? Because it looks as if the primary purpose for these channels are to dupe Ghanaians

    • Hmmm..legally its something else. The best thing for the TV station to do is to provide a disclaimer, stating that they have no affiliation to the individuals or companies whatsoever. So if you deal with them, you do so at your own discretion. But that has not been done meaning the TV stations could be dealt with legally..Its our whole system that needs an overhaul.


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