How to apply for Ghana Card online

It is now possible to apply for Ghana card online at the comfort of your home or office. You will still have to go to the nearest district NIA office to submit your biometrics, but it is a more faster and convenient process when you apply online before you go. Documents needed to apply for … Read more

God mode in Windows 10 or 11: Explained!

God mode in Windows 10 or 11 is a collection of most options found in the Control Panel or Settings app accessed in a single click. It is basically a folder containing 216 options that can be accessed in one action rather than taking extra steps in the Settings app or the old fashioned Control … Read more

How to fix NTC e-learning courses stuck at 98%

The National Teaching Council has launched an e-learning portal to enable teachers to enroll and gain Professional Development (PD) points. Most teachers have had their course progress stuck at 98% or a particular percentage even after successfully passing the quiz. In this article, I will provide simple fix to enable teachers complete their courses to … Read more

TM1 laptop review: They got it all wrong

TM1 laptop

The Teachers Mate 1 (TM1 laptop), which is a customized laptop made for teachers has been with us for a while. I published a first impression article of the TM1 as soon as I got it and now after using it as my daily driver and subjecting it to a series of tests for months, … Read more