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How to apply for Ghana Card online

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It is now possible to apply for Ghana card online at the comfort of your home or office. You will still have to go to the nearest district NIA office to submit your biometrics, but it is a more faster and convenient process when you apply online before you go.

Documents needed to apply for Ghana card

In order to apply for Ghana card, you will need any of the following documents:

a. A valid Birth Certificate issued (through a verifiable process) at the Births and Death Registry

b. A Valid Passport issued (through a verifiable process) at the Passport Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

c. Applicants who do not have any valid verification document can only be allowed to register under Oath by filling the Form of Oath and witnessed by a qualified and registered Applicant already issued with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and validated by a Commissioner of Oath.

d. Applicants with documents or ID cards of the following institutions should consider taking them along for harmonization; SSNIT, DVLA (LICENCE), NHIS, TAX (TIN), PASSPORT, EC (VOTER CARD).

Steps to apply for Ghana card online

First click on the NIA registration portal link and select Create a new application.

On the next screen, a form will appear showing your registration ID. Take note of the registration ID and create a password for the registration. You will use your registration ID and the password you created to login and resume the application process.

After taking note of your registration ID and entering a password, click start registration. The account type selection screen will appear. Select Create Application and Book Appointment by clicking inside the radio button and then click continue.

On the next screen, you will be required to select application type. If you don’t have the Ghana card and therefore applying for the first time, you need to select First Issuance. If you are applying to make corrections on your already existing Ghana card, select Update. If your card is missing and you want a replacement, select Replacement. Select Renewal if your card is expired and you want to renew it.

Next, fill the form with your correct surname and first name. A preview of how your name will appear on the card will be displayed. Select Yes, this is the name I want to use.

The next part of the form will be revealed. Select the options that suit your situation such as your nationality. For those applying for the first time, you should select No to the question Do You Have an Existing National Identification Card?

Next, select the documents you have that you intend to use for the application and select Save & Continue.

Next, follow the registration process by filling in the required details and select Save & Continue after completing each step. Take note that all fields with asterisk are required fields and must be filled.

Once you get to the final step of the registration process, select Go to declaration page. Select Yes, I declare and then click Sign.

On the next screen, select Download application form. This will open a welcome screen. Select Download application form once again to download the form onto your computer or smartphone. You will need to print this form. Then select Book appointment to select a date, time and venue for appointment.

Next steps

a. Print the application form you downloaded.

b. Gather all the documents you selected during application. Take the printed application form with you when going for interview.

c. Go to the selected venue and make sure you present yourself about 30-40 minutes before the time for the appointment.

d. If you selected to use someone with an existing Ghana card to vouch for you, go to the office with that person. The person vouching for you should take necessary documents like the Ghana card and other necessary documents like birth certificate just in case.

e. Once your identity is verified by the NIA officer and you are considered eligible for a Ghana card, you will be taken through the necessary steps to get your card. Your biometrics will be taken to that effect.

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