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Printable sample exam questions for primary and JHS based on the new curriculum

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We have provided sample printable and password-free exam questions in pdf format for our users. The documents provided on this page are for information purposes only and are not to be sold. Click on the links below to access the documents freely:

Basic one

Basic 1 all subjects

Basic two

Basic 2 all subjects

Basic three

Basic three all subjects

Basic four

B4 Computing

B4 Creative Arts

B4 English

B4 History

B4 Maths



B4 Science

Basic five

B5 English

B5 Maths

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How to unlock unprintable documents

Basic six

B6 English

B6 Maths


B6 Computing

Computing marking scheme

Basic seven

B7 English

B7 Maths

B7 Science

B7 Social

Basic eight

B8 Eng



B8 Science

B8 Social

The rest of the subjects would be provided when ready

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