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How to set up your classroom for the new curriculum implementation

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Teaching in the 21st Century is entirely different from what we used to do. Today’s classroom should be set up for effective teaching and learning. So this may require a teacher to be in a school a week or more before school resumes just to set up his or her classroom.

A well set up classroom would do among other things all the following:

  • Stimulate teaching and learning
  • Maintain classroom discipline.
  • Encourage learners to always be in school
  • Reduce teacher fatigue.
  • Reduce the rate at which the teacher talks
  • Lessons are always learner – centred.

Why should a teacher Set Up His or Her Classroom?

  • Makes teaching and learning easier.
  • Encourages your learners to always be in school.
  • Maintains discipline in the classrooms.
  • Reduces teacher fatigue.
  • It makes learning Child – Centred.
  • Saves the teacher from too much talking.
  • Children learn both consciously and unconsciously.
  • Teaching resources are handy and always available for teaching and learning.
  • It prevents the teacher from abstract teaching

Things needed to set up your classroom.

  • Old newspaper
  • Old Calendars
  • Cradboards
  • Manila Cards
  • Paper glue
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Rice sac
  • Scissors
  • Posters
  • Toys
  • Old gadgets like radio, tv, etc
  • Old utensils
  • Poster Colours, Crayons
  • Starch or Kooko
  • Story books

Setting up your classroom

After successfully getting all the materials, you are ready to set up your classroom for effective teaching and learning. Every term, your classroom setting has to vary depending on which topics, skills or Concepts you will be teaching during the term. Every Classroom Setting should have at least four Learning Centres. Learning Centres are special rooms or dedicated places in the classroom for the purpose of teaching special concepts and skills.

Examples of Learning Centres

Home Centre

This is a Centre for the purpose of teaching home-based skills or Concepts like cooking, cutting, chopping, peeling, mixing, etc. This place should have things like kitchen stuffs, radio, television, standing fan, etc. The place should look like a typical home. Papers can be used to make some of the materials.

Music Centre

This centre contains simple musical instruments like drums, flute, xylophone, horns, sticks, sticks, etc. Materials in the Music Centre should be capable of producing sound, rhythms, etc. Facilitators may look for local musical instruments and place them at this Centre.

Reading Centre

This is a Centre in the classroom for the purpose of teaching Reading. It is a mini library in the classroom or outside the classroom. This Centre should contain story books, leaflets, Old Newspaper, Calendars, posters, magazines, story books, etc. Facilitators may also have a Video Player to show documentary or films for children, animals, people, etc.

Arts Centre

This centre is designed purposely to teach Creative Arts. It should have arts work from teachers, learners, etc. It may keep records of arts work by learners. Arts works in magazines, brochures, books, calendars, etc may be kept in the Art Centre. Learners crafts made from paper, wood, clay, etc may be placed in the Arts Centre.

Numeracy/Mathematics Centre

This is a Centre dedicated for the teaching of mathematics or numeracy. This Centre contain the Geoboard, ludo, Oware, Abacus, Cuisinaire Rod, Multibbased Blocks, Counters, Bundle of sticks, Charts, etc

By: I Teach You Teach Ghana

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