Textbooks for JHS

This page includes soft copies of textbooks for JHS. The soft copies provided here are for educational purposes only and therefore meant to serve as a guide for the teacher. Click on the links below to download. Basic 7 RME textbook Basic 7 Integrated Science textbook Basic 7 Social Studies textbook Basic 7 Mathematics textbook … Read more

First Term Weekly Lesson Plan For Basic 7

This page contains weekly lesson plan for Basic 7 (JHS 1). The page will be updated periodically to include the latest plan. Password Week 5 password = WEEKFIVE Week 6 password = WEEK6 Week 7 password: Maths: week6mathsScience : week6sciCareer Tech: week6ctEng: week6engGhanaian Language : week6gh Credit to Prof Duker, Fayol and all respective authors. English Week … Read more

How To Fix TM1 Laptop Sound Issues

TM1 laptop

The Teachers Mate 1 (TM1) laptop distribution process has reached more teachers at the basic level. Most teachers have faced a number of issues with their units and therefore had to reinstall Windows. Some teachers, after reinstalling Windows have had issues with sound not working. In this article, I will guide you how to fix … Read more