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How To Fix TM1 Laptop Sound Issues

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The Teachers Mate 1 (TM1) laptop distribution process has reached more teachers at the basic level. Most teachers have faced a number of issues with their units and therefore had to reinstall Windows. Some teachers, after reinstalling Windows have had issues with sound not working. In this article, I will guide you how to fix TM1 laptop sound drivers using two methods.

Method 1: Using Device Manager

1. Right click on the start button and select Device Manager from the list of options that display. Alternatively, you can press Windows + X on your keyboard to display the same options.

2. In Device Manager, expand Audio inputs and outputs. Right click the device and select update driver. Click search automatically for drivers on the next screen. Do this for all devices found under audio inputs and outputs.

If you do not find audio input and output in Device Manager, scroll down and expand Sound, video and game controllers and update the ESAuDriver device using procedure in step 2.

If the above method works for you, then you are good to go. If it doesn’t, move to the second method.

Method 2: Downloading and Installing TM1 sound drivers

1. Click on the following links to download the OEM sound drivers:

ES V2.3

TM1 OEM audio driver

If the OEM audio driver downloaded on this page does not fix the sound issues, you can download TM1 driver pack and follow the tutorials on the page to learn how to use the TM1 driver pack.

2. Extract all the files with winrar onto the desktop. If you haven’t installed winrar, download and install by clicking here.

3. Open Device Manager once again. Select the sound device from the list. That will be ESAuDriver Device for TM1 laptop and might be different for your particular PC. Click on Action at the top menu bar and select add driver.

4. From the dialog box that appears, click Browse and navigate to the TM1 OEM audio folder. Select the folder and click OK.

5. Now click Next and the drivers will be installed successfully.

6. Repeat the procedure in steps 3 and 4 above but this time select the ES V2.3 folder and install that as well.

Alternatively, you can install each of the drivers individually. To do that, open the TM1 OEM audio folder, right click on IntcAudioBus and click on install, right click IntcDMic and click on install, right IntcOED and install and right click IntcSST and install. Next, open the ES V2.3 folder and double click on ES AU APO and install ESAudApoEffect and ISSTApoExt.

Note that if you are running windows 11, you will have to select show more options after right clicking each driver file before you select install.

Restart your laptop and this should fix the sound problems.

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