Download TM1 laptop sound drivers

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Majority of users are facing issues on their TM1 laptop with regards to sound driver. In this post I will provide a link to download the TM1 laptop sound drivers and a video guide on how to use the driver to fix audio problems on your TM1 laptop.

Download TM1 laptop sound drivers

Click here to download the TM1 laptop sound drivers

If this driver pack does not fix your TM1 sound issues, try method 2 of the tutorials from this post.

If you get the error that so many people have viewed or downloaded the file, watch he video below to fix that;

How to install TM1 laptop sound drivers

Watch the video tutorial below:

11 thoughts on “Download TM1 laptop sound drivers”

  1. i can not download the sound drivers. they claim too many people have downloaded it. it been 42 hours since i last checked. Kindly do something about it so we can download to fix up.

  2. Thanks for saving my life. Please where can I get mouse drivers for TM1 laptop. My laptop mouse is not working and I have realised its the problem of drivers because when I used UBS mouse, it is working perfectly.


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Installing TM1 Laptop sound drivers

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