Playing Wordle: A Very Intuitive Word Guessing Game

Wordle is a web based word guessing game (developed by Josh Wardle) that can be played in a mobile or web browser. It is only web based and therefore has no official app though it has been plagued by a number of clones and copycats on the various app stores. You basically have six attempts … Read more

How To Get Your Tier 2 contributions Via WhatsApp

Tier 2 is a mandatory contributory scheme with monthly contributions of 5% on the basic salary of all employees. Tier 2 contributions are fully tax-exempt and are privately managed by National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA). In this write up, I will outline the steps to get your full tier 2 contributions in pdf. Details needed … Read more

Egyaa Gaisie Wins Maiden Best Teacher Award In Madina

Egyaa Gaisie, a teacher in Madina and an old student of Accra College of Education, has won the ultimate prize of the Best Teacher Award in Madina Constituency. The award was introduced by Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu, the Member of Parliament for Madina Constituency. The award scheme was organised by Madina EduScheme. Madina EduScheme has a … Read more

How to do the spoiler text formatting on Telegram

If you have updated your Telegram app, you can now do a spoiler text formatting. Steps Select any part of your message when typing and choose ‘Spoiler’ in the formatting menu to hide the text under an animation in chat, as well as in the chat list and notifications. You can tap the animation to … Read more

Opinion: Affordable housing will improve conditions of service of teachers

President Akufo-Addo has announced affordable housing packages for teachers and this could improve the conditions of service of teachers. The package includes both rental and mortgage packages. He revealed this during the 6th Quadrennial Delegates Conference of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT). A very important factor that determines the attractiveness of a profession … Read more