BECE past questions with answers

This is page is for all BECE past questions. The past questions are for informational purposes only. All subjects BECE Private 2021 (All Subjects) ICT ICT 2011 – 2013 ICT 2014 solved ICT BECE 2017 questions ICT BECE 2018 questions ICT Private BECE 2018 ICT 2019 BECE ICT 2019 BECE answers ICT 2020 BECE ICT … Read more

Scheme of Learning for JHS

We have provided scheme of learning (SOL) for JHS (Basic 7, 8 and 9) on this page. The schemes provided are in sync with the weekly lesson notes for Basic 7, 8 and 9. Check the following pages for Basic 7 weekly lesson notes: Basic 7 first term weekly lesson notes Basic 7 second term … Read more

How to practise answering job interview questions

If you are a graduate planning to enter the world of work or if you are already a worker trying to switch jobs, you may have searched for interview questions relating to your specific job. Google has launched an AI tool that can help such people practise answering job interview questions real time. The tool … Read more

Second term weekly lesson plan for JHS 2 and 3

Second term weekly lesson plan for JHS 2 and 3 will be provided on this page. The page will be updated to include all the weeks. Make sure to bookmark the page and return to it frequently for more information. Social Media Links Click on the links below to join our social media platforms so … Read more

Second Term Weekly Lesson Plan For Basic 7

Lesson plan for Basic 7 for second term (all weeks) will be uploaded on this page. Make sure to bookmark it and open it frequently for updates. Week 1 Lesson Plan For Basic 7 English Language Maths Science Social Studies Ghanaian Language Physical Education RME Computing Career Tech Creative Arts and Design Week 2 Career … Read more