Mobile Money Remittance Fraud, The New Scam On National Television

Mobile money remittance involves the act of transmitting e-cash to a distant place, in return or payment for goods purchased. While this is a normal routine for day-to-day businesses, there are fraudsters who provide “too good to be true” packages for mobile money remittance and end up ripping customers. They refer to themselves as Xpress … Read more

NTC opens registration for teachers via Teacher Portal

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has opened registration for in-service teachers employed in the public and private sector. The purpose of this registration is to introduce every teacher in active service to the NTC Teacher Portal Ghana (TPG) which will serve as an online hub for all Continuous Professional Development activities and licensing. The registration … Read more

Scam alert: Beware of unauthorized network marketing companies

Network marketing, also called pyramid selling or referral marketing, is a marketing strategy where the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped system. Network marketing in itself is not a bad thing. However, some scammers have devised unscrupulous means to use the concept to rip off the undiscerning. Even well established, online network marketing companies like Boostpal, … Read more

Educational programs for Basic and SHS students while at home

Multi TV has launched a channel dubbed Joy Learning, which is a platform for students to learn Mathematics, English, Science, French and Creative Arts. The contents and materials are designed based on the GES syllabus. The educational programs have been made available on TV for basic and senior high students due to the closure of … Read more

Coronavirus: How to make a homemade hand sanitizer

The advent of coronavirus has led to a shortage of hand sanitizers on the market as it is now the most patronized product. In this article, we will provide steps to make an effective homemade hand sanitizer to provide protection from the virus. Materials needed 99% Isopropyl alcohol 3% Hydrogen peroxide Glycerin Container A glass … Read more

How to buy Uvitech’s web hosting plan in Ghana

If you are a web developer or a blogger, then you may have purchased a web hosting plan from one of the popular web hosting sites like HostGator, BlueHost, Hostinger, GoDaddy etc. Here, we provide the cheapest web hosting plan in Ghana from uvitech Inc called Ucloud A few weeks ago, we published an article … Read more

Useful apps you can use to teach computing

Computing is very important for the world of work today. It has taken a new dimension since the curriculum was revamped with the introduction of database and programming languages. We will provide you some of the best apps for teaching computing effectively. 1. Basic Computer Science app The Aim of this App is to Motivate … Read more

Tips on Numeracy for the teachers license exam

The following are topical areas for the Numeracy paper: 1. Linear Equations2. Linear Inequality3. Percentages4. Fractions5. Business Mathematics6. Basic Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication.7. Statistics and Probability8. Collection and Handling Data.9. Working with Integers10. Significant figures, Standard Form, etc.11. Set12. Basic Shapes13. Coordinates Geometry14. Graph Work15. PatternsEtc. Get more information on Numeracy below Numeracy Q … Read more

Tips on Literacy for the teachers license exam

The Following Areas should be studied carefully 1. GRAMMAR* Subject – Verb Agreement* Pronoun – Noun Agreement* Tenses* Synonyms and Antonyms* Parts of Speech* Lexis and StructureEtc. 2. COMPREHENSION* Learn the techniques in answering Comprehension questions* Read the text carefully.* Read the questions carefully* Read the text/passage again, looking for the answers. 3. COMPOSITION* Read … Read more

Tips on Essential Skills for the License Exam

The following areas should be looked at for Essential Skills Professional Values and Attitudes Ethics of the profession Best practices in teaching and learning. Professional Practice. Lesson preparation Lesson Presentation Lesson Evaluation Classroom Management Teaching Methods and Techniques Handling Children in the Classroom Questioning Techniques School Community Relationship Application of GES Codes and rules, etc … Read more

Legit way of trading Paypal and Bitcoin in Ghana

PayPal and Bitcoin are among the most popular e-currencies globally. Due to fraudulent activities, it’s quite difficult to find a very trustworthy platform to trade for crypto currencies as well as PayPal funds. In this article, we will discuss a hundred percent legit way of trading crypto currencies and PayPal funds without being scammed. Expal … Read more

Useful apps for teaching Ghanaian Languages

We have provided useful apps for teaching and learning in previous articles. In this article, we will provide useful apps that improve teaching and learning of Ghanaian Languages. Check out previous apps here: Useful Math Apps for Teachers and Students Useful English Language Apps for Teachers and Students All teachers preparing for the license exam … Read more