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Legit way of trading Paypal and Bitcoin in Ghana

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PayPal and Bitcoin are among the most popular e-currencies globally. Due to fraudulent activities, it’s quite difficult to find a very trustworthy platform to trade for crypto currencies as well as PayPal funds.

In this article, we will discuss a hundred percent legit way of trading crypto currencies and PayPal funds without being scammed.


EXPal is a trusted and convenient exchange platform that enables you exchange virtual currencies (PayPal USD, Bitcoin USD).

With EXPal as an exchange platform, you can conveniently exchange your virtual currencies to Ghana Cedis and vice versa with ease.

EXPal is easy to use, has lower fees, and processes your orders on time. More importantly, it is a trustworthy platform as the entire Mickinet Systems team have been trading on the platform for some time.

Buying and selling with EXPal

1. To buy or sell with EXPal, visit

2. Click Buy or Sell on the currency you want to trade in.

3. Now fill the form and follow the instructions on the screen and you can trade with your MoMo easily and securely.

Have you had an experience with EXPal or other safe platform for trading? Let us know in the comment box below.

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