All Teachers Preparing For The License Exam Should Install This App

The NTC Licensure Examination is set to take place on 21st June 2020. In light of this, a Ghanaian developer, Oduro Boateng, has released a super interactive app for answering sample questions.

The app was released on September 2019 and is dubbed NTC Licensure Quiz. It comes in two variations; offline and online versions.

It contains Self-Test Quiz designed for all teachers preparing for the NTC licensure exam.

The quiz contents are directly tailored to cater for all the modules stipulated by the National Teaching Council. The modules of interest for the teaching standard which are: Numeracy, Literacy and Essential Skills are embedded in the App.

The Offline version of the app can be used wirhout internet connection but is limited to the main modules which are Numeracy, Essential Skills and Literacy.

The online version takes it up a notch to include Research Methodology, Guidance and Counseling, Introduction to ICT, Communication Skills and Curriculum Development.

Download (Android Users)

Click on the links below to download and install the app.

Offline Version

Online Version

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