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Useful apps for teaching Ghanaian Languages

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We have provided useful apps for teaching and learning in previous articles. In this article, we will provide useful apps that improve teaching and learning of Ghanaian Languages.

Check out previous apps here:

Useful Math Apps for Teachers and Students

Useful English Language Apps for Teachers and Students

All teachers preparing for the license exam should install this app

Twi Guide

This app gives the user a variety of vocabulary in Twi language as well as popular Akan proverbs.

One great thing we find very intuitive is the audio capability. There is clear, native pronunciations that other similar applications simply lack. Therefore this will help you master not only the words but also the pronunciation. So this is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to learn Twi.


Click on the link below to download:

Android Users

English Ewe Dictionary

This app provides a basic dictionary of most ewe words. The dictionary is offline and does not need the internet connection.

English Ewe Dictionary database will be downloaded when the application is run first time. We recommend you to use Wi-Fi/Internet connection.


Click the link below to download.


English To Twi

This app provides the twi meaning of most English words. The meanings are clear and concise. The interface is pretty clean and basic.


Click the link below to download


Learn to speak Ga Language

This app ensures that the Ga culture and tradition is kept from generation to generation. The app teaches users how to read, write and pronounce words in Ga Language. The app also teaches exact pronunciation of translated language by relating the translated data to the actual meaning of the English data e.g. “light” can mean illumination and can also mean a not too heavy load.


Click the link below to download.


Twi Proverbs

This is a free and exclusive Ghanaian Proverbs App in both Twi and English. Wobu be a, me nso mete be oooo!

It is a free and exclusive Ghanaian Proverbs App in both Twi and English (lit. translations).

Twi Proverbs encapsulates the Ghanaian society’s values and beliefs.
With over 10,000 pure and authentic Ghanaian Proverbs, discover not only the best and most famous Ghanaian proverbs but also improve your Ghanaian heritage, learn about our virtues, experiences and traditions.



Do you have an app that should have been in the list above? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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