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Playing Wordle: A Very Intuitive Word Guessing Game

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Wordle is a web based word guessing game (developed by Josh Wardle) that can be played in a mobile or web browser. It is only web based and therefore has no official app though it has been plagued by a number of clones and copycats on the various app stores. You basically have six attempts to guess the word of the day with some clues on the letters you guessed correctly or wrongly.

How To Play Wordle

First go to

You get an empty box and you begin by guessing any five letter word found in the dictionary.

Letters that are in the word and are in the correct box will turn green, letters that are in the word but in a different box will be yellow, and letters not in the word of the day will be gray. Also, a green or yellow letter can appear in a word more than once — for example, if you get one green “e,” there could be another “e” somewhere else in the word.

After a successful guess, you are given the opportunity to share your progress on social media and the next word is available the next day.

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