Why Ghana Should Allow Smartphones in The SHS Classroom

Ghana has a rich history of education, with a strong emphasis on traditional teaching methods that prioritize rote memorization and textbook learning. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly clear that traditional teaching methods may not be enough to prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. One of the … Read more

Basic 9 Second Term Lesson Notes (New Curriculum)

You can download Basic 9 second-term lesson notes for the new curriculum on this page. The schemes for Basic 9 have also been provided here. Check this page regularly for more updates. Basic 9 Term 2 Scheme B9 T2 Scheme Week 1 English Math Science Social Studies Computing RME Career Tech CAD Ghanaian Language PHE Week … Read more

Best 20 Online Colleges to Study

As a teacher and a student, I consistently look for online colleges one can study to earn a degree. I have assembled a list of the best 20 online colleges to study. This is a subjective list, and they are not arranged in any order of preference. It is just a list of some online … Read more

Basic 8 Second Term Lesson Notes

You can download Basic 8 second term lesson notes on this page. The schemes for B7-9 have been provided. Click here for the schemes. Check this page regularly for more updates. All weeks will be uploaded here weekly. For third term Lesson Plan visit this page Week 1 CAD Week 1 CAT Home Econs Week … Read more