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GES Municipal Director Lauds Somanya Methodist JHS and Literacy Ambassadors Ghana for Organizing A Reading Festival.

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GES Municipal Director of Yilo Krobo has lauded Somanya Methodist JHS and Literacy Ambassadors Ghana for organising a reading festival.

The festival which was celebrated on Monday, 31st May, 2021 was attended by very high profile personalities and dignitaries in the municipality and from the Eastern Region at large. It was organized by the school (Somanya Methodist JHS) in partnership with the Literacy Ambassadors, a group that is vigorously promoting literacy across the country. The festival was under the theme: “A Reader Today, An Enlightened Individual.”

The school and the literacy group put the event together in order to whip up the interest of learners in reading- a habit that Is fast declining and losing its prime of place amongst learners of today.

The Municipal Director of Education of Yilo Krobo, Madam Veronica A. Tetteh who was at the festival, emphasized that, ”Our children need to be able to read INDEPENDENTLY. This is the sure way to improve their vocabulary, build their confidence and make the school system meaningful to them. The plan is to first teach them to read, boost their love for reading and then they can read to learn.”

Read her full Speech below;


Chairperson, Your Royal Majesty Konor of Yilo Krobo Traditional Area, Hon. Member of Parliament for Yilo Krobo Constituency, The Chief Executive Officer of Literacy Ambassadors Ghana, Representatives of Stephania Forte Education Foundation, Reverend Ministers, Parents, Head teachers and Staff, Learners, Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel honoured for the opportunity given me to address you on this improrant occasion.
How beautiful it is when stakeholders gather in a bid to emphasize reading among learners. Festivals are organized to mark events that are dear to the people concerned. There can be no better way to prove the importance of reading than to have a festival that brings together people of diverse backgrounds in society. While commending the organizers for this well thought through program, I also express my gratitude to all of you who are present here for believing that a reading festival is worth your time and other resources.

As a teacher, Chairperson, I know that every child can learn to read if thought the right way, Ghana Education Service in collaboration with non-governmental organizations has over the years implemented reading programmes to equip teachers with the skills needed to teach reading the right way. The most recent one was the Early Grade Reading Programme dubbed Learning. The programme, which involved teaching children to read in the Ghanaian Language of Instruction (GLOI), proved that learners can read with comprehension right at the early grade level, that is, Kindagarten- Basic 3.

Even more encouraging was the fact that majority of the children started reading English Language texts by transferring the reading skills acquired in GLOI. This good news necessitated the commencement of a pilot programme named Transition to English (T2E). The T2E was ended abruptly when schools were closed down to stop the spread of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chairperson, GES could not accept the invitation to halt reading activities just because schools were closed down. Consequently, a radio reading programme dubbed Ghana Learning Radio was rolled out. The English version is ongoing on GBC radio stations while the Dangme version airs on Rite 90.1 FM on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00pm- 6:00pm. I urge all of you especially parents to create the space for the children and encourage them to participate in the radio lessons.
In today’s world activities around us tend to make us have short attention span. On daily basis we read hundreds of short messages on traditional and social media. Reading books ( hard copy and soft copy) seem to be the only way left for people to block out the noise and have focus and attention on issues.

Our children need to be able to read INDEPENDENTLY. This is the sure way to improve their vocabulary, build their confidence and make the school system meaningful to them. The plan is to first teach them to read, boost their love for reading and then they can read to learn.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Literacy Ambassadors Ghana and Stephania Forte Education Foundation for partnering Somanya Methodist JHS to organize this festival.
I urge you students to read and read and read. There are many good things hidden in books.
Chairperson, Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you all for the undivided attention given me.

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