The Deafening Silence of Authorities, The Silent Cries of Teachers

The loud silence of the various Teacher Unions and the educational authorities in the face of the denials and injustices being meted out to members of the chalk and talk fraternity is really deafening.
It has become an open secret that for many years now, a sort of system is being run, where the Teacher is forced or left with no choice than to pay money at every level in the Ghana Education Service for services that should have been rendered for free. These illegal payments are made for Confirmation, Promotions at all levels, Transfers and Releases, Appointments, just to mention a few.
Hitherto, these services were rendered to qualified and deserving Teachers based on merit and for free.

As a Teacher whose salary has run into arrears and has remained unpaid for many years now for no apparent reason, I have had calls on many occasions without number from unscrupulous middle men who hold the view that I can only receive my salary arrears by paying money for it to be worked on for me through a system called the “backdoor“.
One middle man even went to the extent of mentioning my staff ID number in a phone call. Another, one told me that his boss at one of the state institutions (name withheld) who is charged with the responsibility of processing Teachers’ documents for the payment of salary arrears and other related matters was the brain behind the deal.
What I deduced from the connection man was that, these purported bosses give out teachers details to these conned men.
Some of these ridiculous back-door dealers demand as high as 30% of the total amount in arrears.

As I have been crying, praying and hoping for the overdue salary arrears to be paid, I have made countless visits to the various state institutions to ascertain the cause of the delay. They only tell me to keep praying. My trouble was doubled when I was promoted a year ago. Sadly my promotion to the new rank has also not been effected and has run into arrears.
This is the reality of the plight of the very hard working and dedicated teacher- teachers who have lost trust in the system. Many feel neglected, vulnerable and frustrated in the classroom. These teachers, majority of whom are young, energetic, committed to duty and promising, cannot speak about these mistreatments and injustices in the teaching profession for the fear of being victimized.

It is time immediate attention is given to the vulnerable teachers’ plight before these unfortunate happenings gradually dampen the spirits of these devoted teachers, even more as they have become victims of the corrupt and unjust system.
The teacher has prayed and fasted enough for what he or she has toiled for.
A working man deserves his wages!

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