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How I fixed the orientation issue on Chrome for iOS

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Chrome for iOS has a very annoying orientation issue which occurs after changing orientation while using the app. When you switch to landscape and back to portrait, contents on the page get compressed and distorted leaving two huge margins on the sides.

On the iPhone, Safari has been my browser of choice until iOS 14 update allowed users to set default apps. I quickly switched to Chrome due to its cross-platform nature. When I noticed the issue, I switched to Safari due to how irritating it felt to have my contents distorted.

Screenshot showing huge margins at the sides

However, there is something about Chrome that urged me to come back to it. I managed the issue by closing the browser and relaunching the app since refreshing the page doesn’t fix the issue. While closing and relaunching the app fixed the issue temporarily, it felt like a stretch until I found a more viable fix.

A working fix

  1. Type the following in your address bar and press enter; Chrome://flags
  2. Once the chrome flags page opens, search for the following by typing it in the search bar at the top part of the flags page; Full screen smooth scrolling
  3. Disable Full screen smooth scrolling
  4. Close chrome browser and relaunch it for the fix to take effect.

The issue appears to be from Google as it existed both on iOS 13 and 14. Until Google releases a permanent fix for the bug, the steps outlined above help fix it just fine.

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