Windows 11: Things to know and install guide

Microsoft is set to release its next version of Windows 11 on June 28, 2021. Few weeks ago, an unofficial build of the new Windows 11 was leaked into oblivion and most tech enthusiasts downloaded and installed the new software on either a physical PC or on a virtual machine via VMware.

In current updates on the new Windows 11, Microsoft may have confirmed the leaked build is legit since they submitted a DMCA takedown request to remove the link to download the software and also filed a law suit against Beebom, which is a tech publication in India.

Subtle UI changes

Right off the bat you will notice a few tweaks in the whole user interface, though to be honest most elements of Windows 10 are still very noticeable. There is a redesigned start menu, which is now centered instead of the left alignment we are used to. It borrows most of its UI elements from Windows 10 UX. Microsoft has also preloaded a few nice looking colorful set of wallpapers.

The new start menu
Windows 11 desktop

When to get the official build

Microsoft has announced that Windows Insiders will be able to download beta builds of Windows 11 on June 28, 2021. So if you are a Windows Insider like I am, you will be able to install beta version right away. Those who are not may have to wait until the final official version is made available on the Microsoft website.

You can now run Android apps

You can now run Android apps on your Windows 11 devices. Due to a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon, apps found on the Amazon Appstore can now run on Windows 11 devices.

How to fix This PC can’t run Windows 11 error

Most people were bummed when they were greeted with the “can’t run Windows 11” error. Two things are basically responsible for the error. They are secure boot and TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module). When you try to install Windows 11, the system do compatibility checks to make sure TPM and secure boot are enabled. If any of them is disabled, you will be greeted with this error.

Windows 11 compatibility error

To fix this error,

  1. Boot your PC into UEFI/BIOS by restarting and pressing the desired key specific to your PC. Its usually, ESC key for HP and F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL keys for other PC models.
  2. While in UEFI/BIOS, navigate to boot options and change from legacy boot to secure boot. Secure boot typically avoids running unsigned operating systems.
  3. Then navigate to security and make sure TPM is enabled. Make sure you save changes before rebooting. Alternatively, you can check TPM while in your desktop by pressing Windows+R and typing tpm.msc in run.
  4. Once you complete the above you can download and install Windows 11 without this error. You can also use rufus and a Windows 11 iso to create a bootable pen drive and that will also run flawlessly as well.

After completing the above configuration, you are set to install Windows 11. You can install by double clicking on the setup or you can boot from a bootable pen drive for a clean installation.

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